Project Description

The idea is – ‘What’s in a name?’

Venturing into my new community in the Strathbogie Ranges, (Goulburn Valley/Shepparton) l have been bombarded with names – the women from the seed saving group, the local baker, and surrounding neighbours, the names of roads, towns and introductions galore! There is obviously a real sense of community and l’m struggling somewhat with all the names.

Not only that, what are the indigenous names in the area? What name will we give our new property?

It made me think of this as an ‘ABC Open Project’. We all have names for things; people, places, histories and sometimes, nicknames. With a name like Carolena l have at least eight nicknames from different times and people in my life.

So – ‘What’s in a name?’

This project could be output as an audio sound cloud combined with a mashup of a name cloud representing each ABC Open region. It may be a photography project that captures the place, person or town with a text description to give a name and/or its meaning.

I will seek out contributions from key groups such as camera clubs, local education institutions, U3A and clubs that target age ranges from young to old. Groups that normally do not mix can work on this project together eg. members from the local nursing home working with students from a primary school. They can work in pairs to share and learn by working together.

I think this project will capture curiosity and create discussion and comments from ABC Open visitors. It will spark their interest to learn more about the people and places and of the different cultures within their community and to learn what’s behind a name.